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  • How do I start using ClearDil?

    Please follow our user guide to get started with ClearDil. It provides useful information on how to get an account and quickly integrate with our platform.

  • Is your solution global?

    Absolutely yes – our solution satisfies AML and KYC compliance requirements for client's based anywhere in the world. For more details on coverage, please visit our main website.

  • Does using ClearDil ensure my business is AML-compliant?

    We built our platform from the ground up to be flexible and adaptable to clients’ automation needs and the risk-based approach (RBA) recommended by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) . We work with industry leaders to shape our risk engine, screening and verifications services to automate customer onboarding, AML KYC checks, and hence ensure that our clients are fully compliant with regulators.
    Moreover, not only we have all the statutory Sanctions, Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), and watchlists published by governments and competent agencies from around the world, our platform boasts more than 350+ official lists, 2,500+ references, 180,000+ media sources, and so much more.
    As part of the integration phase with our API, we work with clients in ensuring they have sufficient controls and are compliant with AML regulations so by the time they go-live. That said, a fully compliant business requires our clients to establish an AML KYC framework which tackles specific AML risk to their business model.

  • How do I get a demo / sandbox account?

    You can request access to the API by completing the Sandbox Access form on our website.

  • Would it be possible to get a demo?

    Of course! Please complete the Contact form on our website and a friendly member of our team will get back to you promptly to schedule a demo.

  • Do you offer bespoke pricing?

    Yes, we offer unparalleled pricing for clients with over 5,000 checks per year. Please get in touch with us by filling in the Contact form on our website.

  • Do you satisfy AML requirements for ICOs?

    The AML requirements for an ICO are very much in-line with any financial institution in that customer due diligence (CDD) is conducted on all investors. CDD entails AML screening, document / identity verification and continuous monitoring throughout the duration of a customer relationship. Our platform offers all these services and is fit-for-purpose for an ICO token sale.
    In certain jurisdictions, such as the US, you may be required to conduct accredited investor checks (unless you have SEC exemption). We do not currently offer accredited investor checks.

  • How do I contact your support team?

    Our support team can be contacted by submitting a request through our support portal.

  • Can I use your platform as a CRM?

    We do not impose any limitations on this.


  • Do you support clients with integration?

    We work closely with our clients in ensuring their technical and business related questions are satisfied to enable a smooth and effective integration.

  • What languages does your API support?

    All our services are available through our RESTful API, which works with any language that supports HTTP/cURL, such as Java, Ruby, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, JavaScript and much more.
    Additionally, you may use a REST client with code generation capabilities such as Postman in conjunction with our API Collection to generate code in your desired language.

  • I already have customers, can you assist with migrations to ClearDil?

    Yes, we work with our clients in migrating existing customers to our platform.

  • How long does it usually take to integrate with your platform?

    We built our platform with swift integration in mind (it’s in the name). Once issued with a ClearDil API Key, it typically takes less than 10 minutes to make a test API call to create and screen a customer. A full integration can take 2-5 days depending on the development resources you have at your disposal and the extent of the desired integration.
    To get you started quickly, we made sure that our API is semantically clear and unambiguous by following best particles in the industry and providing best-in-class API Reference as well as a detailed step-by-step user guide. Moreover, we maintain in GitHub an API demo collection to run with Postman, a REST client which helps making API calls with ease.

  • I think I've encountered an issue with your API, how can I report it?

    Please report by submitting a request through our support portal.

Data and Security

  • Where do you get your data from?

    We harvest and source the data from highly reputable and trusted sources and partners (such as Dow Jones and other media outlets). Our database has global coverage and includes all statutory national and international lists and more. Our database is updated on a daily basis to ensure our matching engine uses the most up-to-date information.

  • How secure is your platform?

    We use bank-grade security using 256-bit SSL encryption. All our data is fully encrypted at rest and in motion. Additionally, our infrastructure sits behind dedicated and state-of-art VPNs and firewalls and your data is continuously backed up using a highly available database cluster.

  • How long is the customer’s data held?

    As long as a client gives us their consent, their data is held until they request for it to be deleted.

  • Do you send marketing emails to my customers

    No, we will never get in touch with your customers. The only reason we require their email address is to guarantee the uniqueness of a customer record in our platform.

  • Do you sell my information or my customer’s data?

    No, we do not sell any information about you or your customers.

Charges and Billing

  • How do you charge for your services?

    We charge a monthly maintenance fee, which is paid upfront for the year or quarter (for the Premium Plan).

    All screening and identity verification related checks are paid monthly in arrears once we have calculated your usage (we charge per check).

    Our document verification service is credit based, which means clients have to purchase a set number of checks in advance.

    There aren’t any other hidden fees – we do not charge for integration or support.

  • Are your contracts monthly or annually?

    We offer annual contracts for all plans, and a quarterly option for the Premium Plan. For both contracts, the monthly maintenance fee is paid up front. We recommend the annual contract as it is more cost effective, otherwise if you require more flexibility, you can opt for the quarterly contract.

    The quarterly contract costs about 20% more than the annual one.


  • What type of KYC screening checks do you support?

    ClearDil provides you with the ability to define the scope of the KYC screening you'd like to perform. You can select one or more of the following scopes:

    • Watchlist
      A global database that covers Sanctions and CTF lists from the likes of UN, US, OFAC, EU, UK, Australia as well as over 2,500 official lists e.g. Interpol, Europol, Wanted Lists, Human Trafficking, and many more. This highlights if your customer is a Special Interest Entity/Person (SIE/SIEP), or a Relative or a Close Associate (RCA) of a sanctioned entity.
    • PEP
      A global database for politicians, their family members, friends, Relative or Close Associates (RCA), and business partners.
    • Banned or Disqualified Entities
      Global database for Banned or Disqualified entities/persons (BDE/BDP) e.g. UK Companies disqualified Directors, India’s blacklisted companies, New York Stock Exchange MKT Disciplinary Actions, CEIS (Brazil) National Register of Debarred and Suspended Companies, and many more. .
    • Adverse Media
      A globally-curated database sourced from highly-trusted media outlets and agencies (e.g. Agency Bulletins, SEC press releases, etc) which mentions Adverse Media Persons/Entities (AMP/AME) adversely such as corruption charges, fraud allgegations, or financial crime. .

  • How do you perform identity verification?

    Our identity verification service compares a customer’s selfie image with their ID document scan. We utilise market leading facial recognition algorithms and a proprietary engine to indicate whether it’s the same person on both documents.

    This service works best when complemented with our document verification service, which runs over 20 different type of checks on an ID document (e.g. Passport, Driving License) to indicate whether the document is valid or not.

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