The new global way for identity trust

Bryan KYC Expert at ClearDil.

The Metaverse phenomenon is just starting and ClearDil has been working on its role in keeping everyone safe in the lives they live online.

The Metaverse phenomenon is just starting and ClearDil has been working on its role in keeping everyone safe in the lives they live online.

As the world shifts towards creating a richer digital world — as we design the structure for the metaverse ClearDil is leading the way in creating a safer digital environment. ClearDil has recently released an updated suite of identity verification tools designed perfectly for use in the metaverse. ClearDil is the Identity Verification provider that has all the tools to help ensure the security of new digital world users.

The Metaverse?

With companies such as Facebook and Roblox making their mark in ”the metaverse,” it’s crucial to understand what’s being created. “Metaverse” is an online world that uses virtual or/and augmented reality for creating a hyper-realistic universe that is only accessible online, where you can buy/sell houses or a pair of Nike, where you can interact with other members and much more.

The market for metaverses could reach $800 billion by 2024 and the overall market could be almost 3 times the size of gaming software or services, as well as the advertising revenue. Imagine that LVMH’s next growth program is within the Metaverse. This makes the development of trust and transparency in the digital world essential for businesses as well as users.

ClearDil’s objectives for the Metaverse

By using AI-powered video-first methods through our KYC Mobile SDK, ClearDil is able to stop more fraud than many other players in the industry. A robust API for Document Verification allows businesses to tap the potential of virtual reality and build confidence with their users. ClearDil’s software can eliminate bots and stop selling accounts to ensure that users of the metaverse are interacting with existing people of the real world. Identity Verification additionally increases levels of accountability for users and can help fight devastating bullying online. The chart below shows the distribution of Roblox games users worldwide as of September 2021, by age.


The technology of ClearDil allows to confirm the identity of users in the metaverse while protecting users under age, particularly young children, from harmful or restricted content or from fake users pretending to be someone else online.

The impact of the Metaverse on our society is growing, so does the role of ClearDil in ensuring its security. ClearDil can:

  • Protect our children ClearDil’s technology is designed to protect users from all ages, particularly children, by enabling automated age detection and stopping intruders from gaining access to the virtual world of a particular user.
  • Protect your Metaverse from intruders, allow good users from all around the world using ClearDil’s most efficient user flow and its certified ID document engine which supports thousands of official IDs.