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Bryan KYC Expert at ClearDil.

Forged passports and facial biometrics

Forged passports and facial biometrics

With the growth of private information being sold on the dark web, smarter solutions are necessary to overcome sophisticated identity thieves. Due to the important growth of private information being sold through the dark web, the “Privacy Affairs” website has published its 2021 Dark Web Price Index, giving the average price for a wide range of products that include selfies with IDs which can be used for biometric spoofing attacks, on forums, marketplaces, and even websites. A counterfeit Maltese passport was discovered to be among the priciest of the products discovered, with an average of $6,000, whereas a fake U.S. valid social security number was among the least expensive, at $2.00. Prices rising across different items is likely due to the increased risk of obtaining the data, the growing value for customers to use this information, and the higher accuracy and quality of the data on cards, and the increased accuracy of the card data, according to Privacy Affairs website. The price for a “USA selfie withholding ID,” which could be used to verify selfie biometrics to verify identity is available for purchase at $100. 2021 saw an enormous rise in cyberattacks, according to PA Not just in number, but the range of products you can purchase has increased as well like hacked cryptocurrency accounts, websites like Uber accounts. “It’s not enough anymore to simply have an ID. You must prove your identity using a video. Because all business transactions were done online in the outbreak meant people were required to have a photo or a video taken to prove their identity. People aren’t as vigilant as they should be when sharing their online data, and criminals profit from how easy it is to gather data,” says Nassim Azouini, CEO at ClearDil where we built an API for Document Verification and a KYC mobile SDK that protect institutions from identity thieves.

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